All women deserve to be pampered, treated like a VIP and posed in FLATTERING poses to bring out the inner vixen in them! I LOVE shooting empowering sessions. No matter your size, you are BEAUTIFUL and i'd love to show you that! Whether you're celebrating a weight loss, a break-up or planning a gift for a significant other, these types of sessions are PERFECT for boosting that confidence, sass and swagger! You HAVE to do this! 

The Session fee is $275 & includes professional hair and make up & Donae’s posing assistance & creative direction.

A private watermarked online PROOF link is sent to you and from there you select your image choices: 


5 images: $275 | 10 images: $475 | 15 images: $550 | 20 images: $625

(A La Carte images are $80 each)

Black Leather bound Boudoir Albums with a 10 page spread (20 sides) are available for $850 & come with the digital images you select for the album as downloadable/printable images as well.

Bring 2 to 3 outfits, don't forget some jewelry and of course some sassy shoes!  

To book, full payment is required and is non-refundable. In case of cancellation, a photography credit is given. I accept credit/debit cards or paypal. Paypal can be sent to donaecotton@hotmail.com - call me on 651 829 1688 for a credit/debit card payment.

I'd love to chat with you and get you ready for your session - Feel free to call me on 651-829-1688 or email info@donaecottonphotography.com

OUTDOOR FOREST BOUDOIR SESSIONS ARE  AVAILABLE MID-AUGUST TO END OF SEPTEMBER - The Session fee is $200 & the same digital collections apply.


Hi there Gorgeous!  So, you've booked a Boudoir Session with Donae Cotton Photography - Way to go! You're going to have so much fun! So, now that you've paid your session fee and you're on the shoot calendar, now what? Come to the Studio dressed in loosely fitting clothes.....I don't want your skin to be covered in lines from socks or clothing.

Here are some of my top tips to make your Boudoir Session a success:

1.  Start drinking water now...and lots of it...hydrated skin shoots beautifully!

2.  Don't go changing your skin regime or beauty products now. The last thing you need is a break out for your session.

3.  Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate and Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize again. Make sure you arrive to the studio with a clean face and clean dry hair. Your make up artist will work with you to get you the look you have in mind. Of course, fake lashes are a must! They create awesome drama and a sense of GLAM!

4.  Whiten those teeth. Get them professionally whitened or use over the counter products like crest white strips. Another cool way to naturally whiten your teeth is to mix 1 teaspoon of peroxide with a squirt of your toothpaste, add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and a 1/2 tsp of coconut oil. Mix that all together and brush those pearly whites with that mixture. It's natural and it works!

5.  Exfoliate before you shave. Don't forget the arm pits! :)

6.  Bring 2 to 3 lingerie outfits with you - corsets are awesome for figure hugging and teddies are great if you feel you have a problem area that you're too shy to show. White lingerie is beautiful for brides or brides to be. Colorful lingerie has a fun pop it - Personally, I love the way pastel colors photograph. It doesn't distract, but rather compliments skin tone.

Here are some stores i highly recommend for lingerie:

Flirt Boutique, Fredericks of Hollywood, Victoria's Secret, Torrid and Lane Bryant  

7.  Don't forget the hose. Thigh highs are super sexy. Add the garter belt and hello!! ;) If you're wearing a white lingerie set, bring the white hose (the more translucent the better). Black outfit, bring the black hose. Fishnets are awesome too!

8.  Make yourself a pinterest board and show it to me on the day of the shoot. That way i can get some shots in that you love and add them to my boudoir pose workflow. I have a boudoir board ready for you to browse.  http://www.pinterest.com/donaecotton/boudoir-pin-up/ - feel free to repin.

9.  Practice some poses in the mirror.

10.  Bring a robe or a cover up with you for lingerie changes. I don't have a private bathroom and even though i'm sure the guys in the building wouldn't mind a peek, I want to protect you and your sexiness.

11.  Please don't bring children to the shoot. Feel free to bring a friend if it makes you feel more comfortable though. Your friend has to agree not to interfere in the shoot though and please no cameras or cell phone pics while the session is in progress.

12.  Bring a selection of jewelry with you - Pearls normally shoot well and so does bling. Chunky sets can look great with lingerie. If you have doubts, bring it all and i'll help you put the outfit together. If you don't have anything - i highly suggest Charming Charlies

13. Don't forgot the heels! Bring a colorful pair for a POP and a black or nude pair.

14. Don't forget a manicure and pedicure.....and please wear clear deodorant. Nobody wants to edit out deodorant streaks.

15.  Don't get too hung up on always having to look at the camera - just have fun! Most of the best images I capture are of the REAL you, having fun! I'll walk you through some poses.  My goal is make you look the most beautiful you've ever seen yourself and walk out of the session feeling like a DIVA!

So, what happens after the shoot?

Well, of course you rocked it, so I'd give you high fives! You'll receive a private online link containing your proofs. (they will be watermarked). From there you select the images you'd like and i'll send you the unwatermarked version in the form on an online link in high resolution. We'll chat about products you may be interested in ordering such as boudoir albums or a personalized slideshow. Additional images can be purchased from your session as well.

I can't wait to have you come in and strut your stuff! Remember, I'm with you all the way! Now go shopping, drink your water, moisturize, visit Pinterest, practice those poses and I'll see you soon!!